1What is it?
Agents and brokers can take their business to the next level as part of the REACH® Insight Panel where participants will receive first access to the new technologies introduced by REACH® companies. REACH® Insight Panelists are provided with free test accounts. Panelists choose one or more REACH® companies to work with and will receive exclusive discounts from the companies in exchange for providing feedback on their experience. The commitment is small and experience to shape customized products very rewarding.
2How much time will it take?
You choose one or more REACH® Companies to ‘test’ and the companies will have a short user experience for you to try out. Once you go through the experience we will ask you a few short survey questions and that is it! Each company experience should take between 5 and 10 minutes.
3Where and when does it take place?
You can do testing from the convenience of your own home…or work…or car (please not while driving)… or wherever you may be! The Insight Panel testing period is typically launched in the summer months and closes on September 30th of every year.
4Do I get anything to be part of the Insight Panel?
The test accounts are free – you have the chance to try out these technologies free before most others see them. Your feedback will directly shape the companies products and offerings so that the end result are products that are perfect just for you. Each company also has an exclusive offering just for Insight Panelists.
5How do I sign up?
Visit here to apply.
6Who are the prior REACH® companies?
See them here.