For Associations

Are you a local or state association of REALTORS®?

REACH Labs is a program to help you engage more deeply and systematically with the startup community in your area

Why establish a REACH Lab?

  • Clearly demonstrate to your members that you are on top of tech trends in the industry
  • Get ahead of potential threats to your members
  • Encourage local startups to customize their products for REALTORS® and to choose agent-friendly business models
  • Help your members become more productive

How can REACH help?

REACH Labs are run by you, the associations, with the assistance and support by REACH. We will help you:

  • Establish a network of investors and other connectors who can introduce you to promising startups in your region
  • Mobilize your members as "Startup Scouts" who can share with you the tech that they have discovered
  • Set up a system for evaluating the startups you find
  • Create a program of recurring events to introduce the promising startups that you find to your members in a systematic, effective way

The most visible member-facing element of a REACH Lab are the quarterly “Innovation Showcases” where you present the startups that you select to your members in a proven, time efficient format.

What's your commitment?

REACH Labs work best in regions with a healthy emerging or existing startup ecosystem and association with the resources to allocate a meaningful portion of one of their staff's time to nurturing these relationships and recruiting at a selecting startups.

Additional Resources

REACH Labs are currently in pilot with a limited number of associations. We anticipate opening the program up to other associations at the AE Institute in March. If you are interested in learning more, please contact

Looking for additional resources to introduce innovative new tools to your membership? Share the 2021 REACH portfolio flyer in your next newsletter or meeting - its fast, easy and free! Click the link below for a downloadable flyer which can printed or shared electronically.