As renters, landlords, and real estate agents ourselves we knew that the process of listing and finding rental properties was much more painful than it should be. Listings were scattered across multiple sites, they weren’t up to date, many were incomplete, many were simply fake—the rental market needed a comprehensive, reliable, and technologically advanced rental multiple listings service. So we built one, and it’s a beast.

Today Rental Beast is the leading real estate technology firm with a lead-to-lease SaaS platform designed to empower real estate professionals, and the nation’s most comprehensive database of nearly ten million rental properties. Sourced directly from property owners, updated in real-time, and offering a fulfillment-grade rental dataset, the Rental Beast database provides real estate professionals with an unparalleled view of all properties and owner types.

Our core platform, Rental Beast for MLS, brings the power of Rental Beast to Multiple Listing Services and their subscribing agents and brokers. Utilizing a seamless and secure integration, participating MLSs capture thousands of properties that are normally off-MLS inventory, and leverage essential search, data ingestion, and maintenance systems needed to help member agents convert renters into homebuyers and capture their share of $12 billion in annual leasing commissions.