Entreprise Nexmoov Inc, operating as “Local Logic” is a Quebec Corporation, with headquarters in Montreal, founded in 2014. We are a data and AI company which uses a combination of geospatial, user generated, and real estate data to quantify the qualities of any given location.

We’re a team of urban planners, engineers, data scientists and real estate experts – giving us a holistic perspective on location, the way people perceive and value it and how technology can introduce transparency into the real estate market.

We are passionate about location and have amassed the largest unique location data set in Canada and the US, with over 20Bn data points. Our technologies allow us to capture, clean and integrate traditional and alternative location insights at scale. Our comprehensive location database includes geospatial data, school data, business listing data, demographic data, neighbourhood data and real estate market supply and demand data. The products developed by Local Logic are used to guide the decisions of online consumers when looking for real estate or travel accommodations and to build predictive models to inform decision makers investing in the urban environment.