EPR^2 provides a modern on-site clean energy solution that aligns the interests of commercial property owners, tenants, and lenders. Their solution is also the only program for multi-tenant, commercial properties that is feasible with all lease types, including NNN. With offices in California, EPR^2 owns and operates solar and other on-site energy solutions on behalf of building owners and tenants. EPR^2’s clients receive the benefits of discounted clean energy without the obligations of ownership, allowing them to focus on their core businesses.

EPR^2 creates free, additional cash flow and an infinite IRR for property owners and tenants and, unlike alternative options (such as solar leases/PPAs, PACE, and traditional CapEx or financing), EPR^2 requires no guarantee by the property owner or tenant, no subordination of the existing loan, and no financial or investment obligation.

EPR^2’s purpose is to provide triple-bottom-line benefits: financially, owners increase NOI while project investors earn a stable yield indexed to local utility rates; environmentally, on-site, solar/renewable projects provide clean and renewable energy to buildings, efficiently; and, from a community perspective, investment in on-site, micro-infrastructure projects fuels the local economy by increasing grid efficiency and resiliency, creating construction jobs and high-tech careers, and accelerating CleanTech deployment and innovation.