Leasera brings together the best of the rental and hospitality market, providing the only unified services and benefits platform designed for today’s rental market. We create operational efficiencies and revenues for property management clients without losing sight of the renter and service groups that support our network. Management is more intuitive and efficient, recommendations are deeper, and retention of renters and NOI are markedly higher.

Leasera renters find their home, travel destination and key on demand services that are directed to their door using the same lease information, same payment methods and same loyalty points all while building a stronger future. This in turn strengthens the bottom line and creates loyalty for any property currently with or seeking a tenant. Tenants can use points to enable more travel, reduce rent, donate towards affordable housing or invest in real estate and more.

This is the new era of renting and we’re redefining the rental model for an empowered, stronger future. Leasera renters lease longer, know their valued and are excited about flexibility and optionality they receive. Our property management clients retain valued renters, generated higher NOI and are advantaged by greater data and transparency across all business functions.