Key is solving a generational crisis with home ownership-on-demand.

For most, homeownership in the big city means taking on big debt with big down payments. Today, it takes an average of 21 years for first-time buyers in Toronto to save for a down payment, which creates a vicious circle for renters, current owners, and communities. The challenge is generational and a global issue for 24/7 cities. 

Key is making the dream of homeownership a reality again for aspiring first-time home buyers by fundamentally changing the way real estate works for the better, for the many, making financial prosperity realistic and attainable. Instead of wasting 21 years saving for a big down payment, home buyers can start owning and building home equity with Key many years earlier. Plus, they can own without being locked into a mortgage.

Our patent-pending model makes home ownership attainable with an initial investment of only 2.5% (versus the typical 20%) and no need for a mortgage. Key also delivers the benefits of ownership – growing equity and security of tenancy – with the freedoms and flexibility of renting. So, aspiring homeowners can now have a place to call home and start building their equity many years earlier.